REViSITE Workshop on “ICT for Energy Efficiency: Cross–sectoral Interoperability”

The REViSITE workshop entitled “ICT for Energy Efficiency: Cross–sectoral Interoperability” took place on the 9th March 2012 and was hosted by CSTB in Paris. The workshop focused on the development of cross-sectoral recommendations with respect to ICT4EE interoperability and standardisation.

Using the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) which has been recently developed by REViSITE as an input, attendees focused on identifying key ICT4EE trajectories and stakeholder specific interoperability and standardisation recommendations. The workshop welcomed experts from all the four main sectors which REViSITE is covering – grids, buildings, lighting and manufacturing. The agenda of the day was organised in two main sessions. The morning session was dedicated to the analysis of both the REViSITE Strategic Research Agenda and the corresponding Implementation Action Plan. After a quick overview of the REViSITE outcomes and methodology, the experts were engaged via dedicated ‘focus group’ and concise ‘expert group’ discussions, to give their views and comments on the research topics identified in our SRA and the corresponding actions required by various stakeholders. The afternoon session was focused on Standardisation and Interoperability. The proposals of REViSITE for areas where cross sectorial standards are needed were discussed and debated.

As a result of this session, 5 standardisation proposals has been identified which are listed below in terms of priorities:

• Extension of existing ontologies for energy efficiency

• Energy performance indicators (Metrics)

• Product catalogues that include energy dynamics

• Data exchange protocols

• Harmonisation and extension of the IEC Ontology

The workshop finalised the recommendations which we will provide to the European Commission for the implementation of the SRA. The working day ended positively and gave the consortium the chance to validate, and improve the developed Implementation Action Plan and the standardisation proposals.

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