REViSITE releases its initial Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)

The initial Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) developed by the REViSITE project on behalf of the European Commission shapes research priorities in the domain of ICT for Energy Efficiency for the forthcoming European Framework Programme Horizon 2020. The Strategic Research Agenda spans across several industry sectors including power grids, manufacturing, buildings and lighting. It is expected that the identified research topics will be relevant to other sectors as well. Although different sectors will invariably represent different maturity levels with respect to the technologies outlined, the aim of this SRA report is to produce a holistic cross-sectorial view. The SRA report includes six ‘roadmap’ tables based on the six main categories and 21 sub-categories of the REViSITE SMARTT taxonomy (

The REViSITE initial SRA can be viewed and downloaded through this link:

Your views and comments are welcome using the editable feedback form at the end of the document.

Thank you

The REViSITE Consortium

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