Europe disappoints Barroso on energy efficiency (January 2011)

In his talk of 5th January in Brussels, president of European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso highlighted the importance that energy and innovation will have in the next European Council: these are two of the priority growth-enhancing sectors on which European states will put great efforts.

‘I see energy policy as the next great European integration project’ said Barroso. Indeed three are the priorities on which Europe will be called to deliberate: the implementation of the internal market of energy, the creation of missing infrastructure links and the removal of all the barriers to a truly European energy market.

President Barroso recalled Member States to their duty about energy efficiency: even if some results have been reached in the research of renewable sources, few progresses have been made on energy efficiency. ‘Since our best source of energy is in fact energy efficiency, and also considering the prices of energy, – Barroso said – I think it is important from all points of view to achieve real progress of energy efficiency very soon. I would like to see the European Council agree on concrete measures to reach the 20% target by 2020’.

On this subject EC president has emphasized the following five priorities:

  • a strong energy policy as key to competitiveness, sustainable growth and security
  • an internal market in energy as an asset
  • building the European Union’s new energy infrastructure
  • make decisive progress on energy efficiencyan effective and united European approach in terms of external energy policy

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REViSITE engages with ICT4EE experts in a ‘Vision Validation Workshop’, January 2011

The REViSITE project has successfully held its second expert workshop at the headquarters of VTT in Helsinki. The ICT4EE cross-sectoral vision was presented and several added-value feedback was gained from a panel of 10 experts from across the ICT for Energy Efficiency community. The expert panel was drawn from a wide range of academic institutions, partially covering the list of participant to the research centres and companies from across Europe including:

  • Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany
  • Energy Technologies Institute, United Kingdom
  • Fujitsu, Germany
  • Philips Lighting, Netherlands
  • Uninova, Portugal
  • Labor Srl, Italy
  • Advantic Sistemas y Servicios, Spain
  • Bio Intelligence Service S.A.S., France
  • Mainstream Renewable Power, Ireland

Feedback from the panel will be used in refining the approach to the ICT4EE cross-sectoral vision

European Union Sustainable Energy Week EUSEW 2011

Between 11 and 15 April 2011 hundreds of events organised in all parts of Europe will show, promote, discuss and celebrate energy efficiency and renewable energy. Be a part of it!

Furthermore the European Institutions, associates of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, and other important players in the field will organise a series of events in Brussels during the EUSEW. These will include a 3-day policy conference organised by the European Commission from 12-14 April 2011. This will also include the annual Awards Ceremony on 12 April 2011.

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SAP releases white paper on SmartGrids

White Paper Presented to European Energy Commissioner and Kicks Off Panel Discussion on Smart Grid Rollout: ‘There are few transformations driven by information and communication technologies (ICT) that are as promising as ‘smart grids’ in meeting Europe’s urgent energy challenges’

SAP has released in public a white paper on Smart Grids titled ‘Smart Grids for Europe: Benefits, Challenges, and Best Practices’ during an event 25 Jan 2011.

The press release:

Direct link to the white paper:

ComplexEnergy Final Conference

The ComplexEnergy Network is going to held its Final Conference in Brussels on the 22nd of February and will be focused on presenting the conclusions of the project up now and the topics proposed in the Roadmap for future FP calls.

The aim of ComplexEnergy is bridging the ICT, Energy and Complex Systems research communities and identify new research topics at the intersection of these three areas, all the experts are invited to participate.

ComplexEnergy aims at contributing to promote an holistic approach to 21st Century challenges in the domain of Energy, with relevant contributions from the ICT and Complex Systems research communities.

ComplexEnergy gets funding support from the European Commission’s Future and Emerging Technologies Programme, whose goal is to identify new research topics and to assess emerging global Science & Technology trends in Information & Communication Technologies.

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REViSITE @ ICT4EE for Sustainable Homes

November 2010: The REViSITE project participated actively in the ICT for Sustainable Homes conference and exhibition held in Nice (France) on 17-19 November 2010.

Launching the REViSITE ICT4EE cross-sectoral Community

October 2010: Information on the REViSITE Community has been published on the CORDIS WIRE service

REViSITE referenced in latest GeSI report

The FP7 REVISITE approach for impact assessment is referenced in the latest Smart 2020 report released by GeSI initiative. This assessment report is the first step of the impact of REViSITE in the ICT4EE R&D Community and it contributes to realising ICT’s promise through providing a practical and consistent methodology and road map for assessing ICT’s low carbon enablement capacity.

REViSITE exhibits at ‘ICT for Sustainable Homes 2010’

REViSITE will exhibit at the ICT for sustainable homes event on 17-19 November in Nice, France. This event is an international conference and exhibition organised every year by Sigma Orionis in cooperation with the Beywatch project funded by the European Commission’s DG Information Society and Media.

REViSITE will participate in the Workshop on the European RTD roadmap on ICT for energy efficiency, co-organised with the EU-funded initiatives REEB and ICT4E2B Forum.

The two-fold scope will allow REViSITE to show the integrated ICT4EE taxonomy and the roadmap approach to the participating researchers and industry representatives as well as to foster the ICT4EE Community thanks to the presence of several experts who will join the event.

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Next ICT4EE relevant events

The forthcoming events in the ICT4EE fields, scheduled in Europe in September, October and November. Highlights include the biannual key-event ICT2010 ‘Digitally Driven’, Europe’s most visible forum for ICT research and innovation.