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REViSITE on “Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing”

The REViSITE project participated at the annual “Global Conference on Sustainable Manufacturing” which was this year hosted in St. Petersburg in Russia. Our Team member Daniel Kuhn from Fraunhofer IPK spoke about the topic of “ICT enabled Energy Efficiency in Manufacturing”. The presentation basically based on our findings in the state of the art review in the manufacturing sector, the identified linkages to the other sectors, the relevance of promising RTDs and our vision on what future research should focus on in terms of ICT4EE especially in the Manufacturing sector.
Listening to the key notes the key message was clear. We urgently need a tremendous change in order to gain true sustainability worldwide. One main issue mentioned is the raising energy consumption and the problems caused by energy generation from nuclear material or fossil resources. Experts agreed that gaining real progress in energy efficiency is one key to address the challenges.
Looking on the more detailed technical presentations, we were happy to see that lots of research work already started in order to promote the enabling effects of ICT on energy efficiency in the manufacturing sector. Topics like:
•Context-Aware Smart Sustainable Factories,
•Aspects of Energy Consumptions Analysis in Assembly Processes and Equipment
•Modelling and Tactics for Sustainable Manufacturing or
•Energy-aware Production Planning based on EnergyBlocks
have been called out. What was also was very obvious is that people realized that there is a wider scope to be considered and that research can not only focus on one single aspect .Here especially the linkage between the production system and the factory building has been discussed. This proves the main idea of REViSITE, which is the cross sectoral approach. What also was clear that the research community is just at the beginning of a very long way. Again this proves the real value of the REViSITE roadmap helping to guide the research community on this way.
Summarizing the event, the message was clear: Analysing, Understanding, Modelling and the Simulation of Energy Consumption are the main aspects where ICT can support to increase energy efficiency in the Manufacturing sector.