REViSITE ITU ‘Green Standard Week’

September 2011 Rome Italy – the REViSITE project had the distinct pleasure of participating in ‘GREEN STANDARDS WEEK’ organized by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), hosted by Telecom Italia Spa and supported by the European Commission.

The event attracted a very high-level of participation, including Mr. Paolo Romani Italian Minister of Economic Development, Ms. Jasna Matic Serbian State Secretary for the Digital Agenda, Mr. Haruna Iddrisu Ghanaian Minister of Communications, Mohamed Jamil A. Mulla Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, EC Vice-President Neelie Kroes and the CEO’s of Telecom Italia and Huawei.

Delegates at the weeklong conference openly discussed strategies to combat climate change, E-waste and lagging energy efficiency targets. The event represented a highly-relevant opportunity to present the REViSITE framework and to discuss with delegates the pressing need to focus on ‘direct’ and ‘enabling’ environmental impact of the ICT sector.

Keith Ellis from Intel presented, on behalf of REViSITE, in Session 1: Energy Efficiency / Carbon Reduction: Unlocking the Energy Efficiency Potential Using ICTs. The project was well received and approximately a dozen delegates subsequently inquired regarding further information, amongst which were ITU-T, Climate Associates and CEDARE (Centre for Environment & Development for the Arab Region & Europe) representatives.

Although, a side-track to the main REViSITE objective of Research Agenda development, the event offered the unique prospect to discuss, with Malcom Johnson, Director of the ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau and Ahmed Zeddam chairman of the ITU-T SG5, the inclusion of the REViSITE framework as a potentially useful ‘test-case’ in the context of SG5 development of ‘a common methodology for assessing the environmental impact of ICT’.

In short, the week offered opportunity to court potential REViSITE community members, to further impress the importance of a cross-sectorial approach to ICT4EE and to discuss the need for interoperability and standards specifically in the context of the built environment and its interface to other energy intensive sectors namely energy grids and manufacturing. It is hoped this engagement will result in additional inputs to upcoming REViSITE work on Research Agenda development but more specifically with regard to standards recommendations in Deliverable D3.4.

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