Europe disappoints Barroso on energy efficiency (January 2011)

In his talk of 5th January in Brussels, president of European Commission Jose Manuel Durao Barroso highlighted the importance that energy and innovation will have in the next European Council: these are two of the priority growth-enhancing sectors on which European states will put great efforts.

‘I see energy policy as the next great European integration project’ said Barroso. Indeed three are the priorities on which Europe will be called to deliberate: the implementation of the internal market of energy, the creation of missing infrastructure links and the removal of all the barriers to a truly European energy market.

President Barroso recalled Member States to their duty about energy efficiency: even if some results have been reached in the research of renewable sources, few progresses have been made on energy efficiency. ‘Since our best source of energy is in fact energy efficiency, and also considering the prices of energy, – Barroso said – I think it is important from all points of view to achieve real progress of energy efficiency very soon. I would like to see the European Council agree on concrete measures to reach the 20% target by 2020’.

On this subject EC president has emphasized the following five priorities:

  • a strong energy policy as key to competitiveness, sustainable growth and security
  • an internal market in energy as an asset
  • building the European Union’s new energy infrastructure
  • make decisive progress on energy efficiencyan effective and united European approach in terms of external energy policy

More details available here


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